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An app designed for Waze Editors in the United States to record the GPS location and speed of posted Speed Limit signs. This app is for the Android platform ONLY!

Current version 1.8

If you installed v1.5 – You must first uninstall the the app or you will end up with two apps.

Download SpeedWazer

Change Log

  • v1.8 – Correct Button initialization error on startup
  • v1.7.1 – Add Disable/Enable all buttons during GPS capture to prevent additional button press until capture procedure completes
  • v1.7 – Remove popup notifier
  • v1.6 – Added visual notifier for success and failure by turning pressed button Green for 3 seconds and then back to White upon sucessful GPS capture
  • v1.5 – Add notifier to alert user when no GPS location is collected, add notifier beep
  • v1.4 – Add vibrate for feedback once the information has been displayed/recorded
  • v1.3 – Changed GPS information from Latitude, Longitude to Longitude, Latitude for Waze compatibility
  • v1.2 – Changed name to SpeedWazer and updaged logo
  • v1.0 – Initial Release

Future changes

  • Activate menu
  • About screen –¬†Add contact information, e.g, email address, website, and company information
  • Help screen
  • Feedback screen
  • Add Share module for exporting captured GPS data file to social platforms, e.g., DropBox, Google Docs, etc.
  • Notes
  • Screen Keep-alive
  • Ability to delete file
  • Link to Waze App
  • Ability to share GPS location and need request for a BotG “Boots on the Ground” review of a given location, e.g, to verify signage, confirm long-term closures, or to check street names (this will be a great option for groups of editors to explain what they are needing and where and then having the app activate the note when a user is within a mile of the location. That way, editors will not need to “remember” what they wanted and where.)
  • Eventually, move to Google Play
  • iPhone version

  • Remote Support