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Just in case you are the last person under a rock and don’t know, spyware is running rampant everywhere! The shocking statistic: 90% of all computers contain some form of spyware, malware,  or adware. With that being said, a company called Snoopwall, http://www.snoopwall.com claims that your favorite, and popular, flashlight app (both Android and iPhone) contains malware…and may even contain a trojan virus.

So…what do you do? First things first: delete the offending app. Second, Snoopwall is offering a completely new flashlight app that is free, ad-free, and simple. You can go http://snoopwall.com/privacyflashlight/index.html to get it.

Naturally, this begs the question: how come NONE of the current antivirus / anti-malware programs have not identified these offending apps? Think about it for a bit…I’ll wait…

Here’s your answer. They explicitly wrote into there ToS (Terms of Service), you know, the million-page, attorney-generated, here’s-what-were-gonna-do agreement that EVERYONE just clicks “accept” without reading. Countless times, people are duped into accepting things, software, behaviors, invasions, and the like, without ever knowing they did so because they just clicked the accept button without a single thought in their head about the consequences.

A very similar thing happened not to long ago with the emerging Facebook Messenger App. Most people agreed to it and then found out what they agreed to after the fact. You know, it was like when Nancy Pelosi siad to Congress regarding the Healthcare Reform Act (or ObamaCare), “But we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.”. Unlike the government, we can, and should, read the ToS BEFORE the installation.

Any questions?

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